Betr.: [ic] starting 3

J van Dijk 'BV Kunststoffenindustrie Attema' j.vandijk at
Thu Apr 15 08:36:36 EDT 2004

> >>> reketov at 15-4-04 10:44:43 >>>
> I am newbie in IC.
> Should I install Apache server and which version (1.3 or 2.0) for IC
> works?

We use apache-1.3.20-16, which works fine with ic 4.9.8

> When starting IC I have messages:
> The Interchange server was not running 
> (/var/run/interchange/
> Low traffic settings.
> Calling UI......UI is loaded...
> Interchange V5.0.1
> Configuring catalog tutorial...done.
> Interchange server started in UNIX mode(s) (process id 6115)
> [root at localhost interchange]#

> Is it looks good?

That means ic is running !.

> I have probleme to connect with browser as 
> http://localhost/cgi-bin/tutorial/index.html 

We use an ipaddress for local testing, which is configured in
So our local url is:


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