[ic] "upgrade" from DBM files to a MySQL server solution in IC 4.8.7

Eros Shop info at eros-shop.co.uk
Thu Apr 15 15:08:31 EDT 2004

>This is one way which works:
>1. backup all of your import files (products.txt, transactions.txt, etc)
>2. make an html page with [tag export transactions transactions.txt][/tag]
>and so on for every table you have, and put this in your pages directory.
>3. browse to that  page and your 'import files' are now updated
>4. in variable.txt, set 'mysql <tab>1', 'SQLDSN<tab>dbi:mysql:test_vwe'
>(being a 'test_*' table it will be created without a username or password)
>5. restart IC and break out a cold beer.
>(if it won't create the new db then the MySQL default has been changed
>to not allow a 'test_*' db. Either change it back, or SSH in as root and use
>'mysql_setpermission' to create a new db with username and password)
>Always back up all tables and dbs before making major changes.

Hi Lyn,

If I understand this correctly, if the MySQL import fails or any of the 
fields get truncated unexpectedly, I can simply reverse the changes in step 
4 above and revert back the DBM system provided all my backed up import 
files (*.txt) are restored to <CATROOT>/products before I restart IC again?

If this is the case then I'm game to just give it a go when it's quiet in 
my store ;)

(don't worry I just heard everyone take a sharp breath and mutter under 
their tongue that I'm loopy :p )

Many thanks


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