[ic] IC 4.8.6 + CGIServlet

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Thu Apr 15 23:46:17 EDT 2004

Quoting Alex Pedenko (alex at kolosy.com):
> Hey all,
>     I spent some time digging through the archives but without luck. I
> have a large j2ee application (1500+ classes) that i'm not about to
> transition to perl (since lots of people here seem fond of saying screw
> java, switch to perl ;) ). As a result, i don't want to have apache
> running and am trying to run everything under tomcat, including
> interchange. After some modifications to the CGIServlet that ships with
> tomcat, i can load up parts of interchange, but with a strange
> side-effect. Whenever i pass more than 1 parameter (either through a get
> or post request), interchange comes back saying ""Undefined catalog: "
> and puts the first parameter as the catalog name. So if i have a url
> "xxx/something.cgi/somethin?a=b&c=d it will come back saying "Undefined
> catalog: a=b"

That is a bug in your CGIServlet (though I have no knowledge of them at
all). It must be setting $ENV{SCRIPT_NAME} to that value, or else it
could be setting the ARG values wrong. That is the only way that IC
would see this.

Sounds like someone needs to write a custom Interchange link 
script for your Tomcat implementation, one that takes care
of these problems.

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