[ic] 4.6.3 and Signio/Payflow Pro

Bryan Zimmer bryanz at gloryworks.com
Fri Apr 16 00:34:38 EDT 2004

I'm running Interchange 4.6.3 and am trying to switch from CyberCash to
Payflow Pro. The directions at
claim it should be a painless swap. I've followed the directions to the
letter, but am getting this error on startup:

Required  module not present. Aborting catalog.
In line 149 of the configuration file 'catalog.cfg':
Require module Vend::Payment::Signio

I thought maybe they forgot to mention putting Signio.pm in interchange/lib,
so I did but with no luck.
I've tried putting the libraries and Signio.pm just about everywhere I can
think of (starting with where the directions tell you to), but no luck. Does
anyone have any suggestions? I think I'm close, if I can just find out where
to put everything where Interchange is looking for it.

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