[ic] Interchange 5.1.1 beta release available

Jon Jensen jon at endpoint.com
Tue Apr 20 14:01:44 EDT 2004

Interchange community,

The Interchange Development Group is pleased to release Interchange 5.1.1,
a beta test version on the way to upcoming stable version 5.2.

We are concerned about the lack of feedback regarding the 5.1.0 beta
release. We would like to produce a new stable version with fewer bugs and
more features, but that relies on broad test coverage. Please help us to
improve Interchange by downloading and testing this presumably final
release candidate for Interchange 5.2.0. Any kind of comment and
suggestion will be helpful.

The cross-platform tarball is available at:


Debian packages are at:


The source RPM is at:


Binary RPMs for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, with an unthreaded Perl built 
in /usr/local/bin/perl, are at:


(The binary RPMs may also work on Red Hat Linux 8 and 9, and Fedora Core
1, but haven't been tested there yet.)

Note that we do not recommend using this software for production sites 

Interchange Development Group

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