[ic] Options Editor problems

Salvador Caballe scaballe at caballe.net
Wed Apr 21 18:02:43 EDT 2004

I upgraded a 4.8.7 catalog to 5.0, few weeks ago  but I have some trouble with 
options editor, in my setup is not possible to edit and change any option , 
all seems  ok but  after click the commit button , the changes disappear.

Some other people ask the same question to the list, but no answer.
I also checked  the list archives without success.

No info in error.log interchange files or in postgresql log.

Then I installed a fresh Interchange 5.0 with foundation catalog  in other 
machine to test it , and I have the same problem,  then I tested  with  5.1 
version also the same result...

I all my test use  postgresql database 7.4.1 version.
Perl 5.8.1 and Interchage tarball version. 
and  Redhat 7.3 distribution.

But when I change  the to mysql database  all runs  is OK. no more problems.

I don't know where is the problem , but this are my experience

Salvador Caballé

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