[ic] How to customize the UI pages?

Greg Goble ggoble at rpo.at
Thu Apr 22 09:39:45 EDT 2004

Hi devgroup!


I would like to add the buttons [B],[I],[LINK] & [SPELL_CHECK] above my description <input> field on the item_edit page in UI.

I've moved a copy of item_edit to my ~/catalog/pages/admin folder and have edited a few static things, but nothing in this page
tells me where I might add these buttons.

I have the source code from another site that does this and it works in a simple text editor using javascript.

Is this possible in IC 4.8.5? or am I playing with fire?!

If so, where might I add the following example:

<td onclick="wrapSelection(thisForm.postBody,'<strong>','</strong>');this.blur(); " onmouseover="this.className='on';"
onmouseout="this.className='off';" onmouseup="this.className='off';" class="off">
<img src="bold.gif" width="16" height="16" alt="insert bold tags (keyboard: ctrl + b)" border="0" hspace="0" vspace="0"
<textarea cols="70" rows="10" id="postBody" name="postBody" wrap="soft" tabindex="3"></textarea>

...in order to get a bold button to appear above the description box in item_editor.

This might be a nice to have in future IC releases for users not needing to know html. I know it's easy as pie to teach someone a
<b> or <strong> tag, but some of us have to cater to those certain users ;-)

Many thanks in advance!

Greg G.

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