[ic] Admin UI - Customer Mailing permissions

interchange at thedesignpeople.com interchange at thedesignpeople.com
Thu Apr 22 18:09:41 EDT 2004

New Media E.M.S. wrote:

> At 03:38 PM 4/21/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>> interchange at thedesignpeople.com wrote:
>>> I don't know if this is a bug but if you create a non-superadmin user 
>>> and then check everything in the Editor Functions, Other Functions 
>>> and Table permissions tabs, it still does not give access to the 
>>> Customer Mailing tab.
>>> I'm not how to enable this page (customer_mailing) for non-superadmin 
>>> users.
>> I guess I am the only one having this problem?
> I can't confirm this on 5.0.1.

I've just checked and "Only for superuser" is set to No.
I'm using 5.0.1 as well.  I guess it really is just me. :\

BTW - The error is:
  Sorry, no permission for page 'mailing'.

Shouldn't it be for page 'customer_mailing'?  I don't have a page called 
mailing. Is this something?

Oh well, thanks though,

mike kang

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