[ic] Search string after the '?'

Jan-Claas Dirks Dirks at jcdit.net
Mon Apr 26 04:47:29 EDT 2004

Hello all,

to make a clickable list of all product categories of my hand-made shop (not
basing on templates), I do this query:

[query sql="SELECT DISTINCT kat FROM products ORDER BY kat" type=list]
[page search="se=[sql-param kat]&sf=kat&co=yes&su=yes"][sql-param

Well, I have German umlaute in my categories, so some links turn into

instead of

Is there a chance to let the URL be like

i.e. the search string appears behind the '?' thus preventing it from being

By the way, my results.html is much like the one from the tutorial. Using a
serahc form works fine, but results from the one-click search above don't
show the search string with [cgi mv_searchspec]. How can I display what has
been searched for?


    Jan-Claas Dirks
    "I'm standing on the edge, with a vision in my head,
     my body screams release me, my dreams they must be fed"
     - Norman Kent, 'From Wings Came Flight'

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