[ic] inactive field

Aboubacar Diare sykemo at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 26 06:17:58 EDT 2004

hello all

I am trying to filter items I have set to inactive
from being displayed during a category search.  I am
using interchange 4.9.8.  The amdin page code to set
the value of the inactive field in the database looks

<select name="inactive" class="s3"><option value=""
SELECTED>No<option value="1">Yes</select>

This sets the value to "" if the item is set to
Active, meaning inactive="no".

Thus all active items in the db have nothing set in
that field.  I would expect this value to be set to

Anyways, I am using the following code to try and
display all the active items in the category
accessories in the db:

[page search="

Instead of displaying the active items, the search
above displays all the INACTIVE items instead.  I
found this on some posting about the inactive field in
the archive.  I have gone through all the postings I
could find in the archives but none worked for me so I
decided to post to the list.  Does anyone have any
suggestions on what else I could try.  

Thank you.


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