[ic] add field per item in cart on Admin entry.html

Tim Good tim.g at edsd.com
Tue Apr 27 16:31:53 EDT 2004

Hello all,

What is the best way to add a checkbox field "installed" to
entry.html page for cart display?

I have added installed=char(1) to orderline.mysql and table.

I have added the following code to my entry.html section or
item display:
<TR class=rnorm>
        ... existing code ...
        <TD class=rnorm VALIGN=TOP ALIGN=CENTER>
        <INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME="[quantity-name]"

        <TD class=rnorm VALIGN=TOP ALIGN=CENTER>
        <INPUT TYPE=text NAME="[quantity-name]"
VALUE="[item-quantity]" SIZE=3>


        ... existing code ...

ALT="" HEIGHT="1" BORDER="0"></TR>

I would like the installed field to be a field for
specifying if an item is to be installed.
If the user checks the checkbox then I want the install_chrg
to be added to order total.
I have added a usertag to calculate the install charge and
added a modified total usertag
to calculate the total with install charges. Both work
great, however, I only want the install
charges to calculate if item is to be installed. 

I hope this comes out clear. If not I would be glad to
explain in other words.


Tim Good
tim dot g at edsd dot com

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