[ic] Writing Apache Style Referer Log From Interchange

Shawn Mathews shawn at stuckinrealtime.us
Wed Apr 28 00:02:51 EDT 2004

Ok, I know this is probably stupid, and apache is already creating logs, 

I need a single log file for my catalogs, which have a different secure 
and unsecure webserver.

So far I've got this in my catalog.cfg which can generate an apache 
style log line except for the size of the content being returned.

I'm planning on using this in an AutoEnd script. Which makes the 

How do I get the size of the content current in the Interchange page buffer?

Sub <<EOR
sub e5_apachelog {
   my $h = ::http();
   my $ENV = $h->{env};
   my $fakeurl = $Vend::Cfg->{'VendURL'};
   my $host = $ENV->{'REMOTE_ADDR'};
   my $method = $ENV->{'REQUEST_METHOD'};
   my $protocol = $ENV->{'SERVER_PROTOCOL'};
   my $referer = $ENV->{'HTTP_REFERER'} || '-';
   my $agent = $ENV->{'HTTP_USER_AGENT'} || '-';
   my $status = '200'; # Always Status 200
   my $page = '/'.$Global::Variable->{'MV_PAGE'}.'.html';
   $page .= $ENV->{'QUERY_STRING'} if $ENV->{'QUERY_STRING'};
   my $timezone = 'EST';

   my @MonthLib = 
= localtime(time());
   my $time = sprintf("[%02d/%s/%04d:%02d:%02d:%02d 

   my $logline = sprintf(q{%s - - %s "GET %s %s" %s - "%s" "%s"}, $host, 
$time, $page, $protocol, $status, $referer, $agent);
   return $logline;


Shawn Mathews

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