[ic] Experience required for customizing Interchange

rbragg redhat at rickbragg.net
Wed Apr 28 21:15:10 EDT 2004

Hi Matt,

If you are somewhat familiar with html, and have a good deal of 
Linux/UNIX experience, than it should not be too hard to get by. In fact 
you may be well on your way to being a guru.  HTML is simple compared to 
solid admin experience. It is mostly a matter of tags, setting 
variables, building forms... Use what is already here!  Start with the 
foundation and then look through the docs and mail list archives to 
achieve your goals. ask questions on the list. experiment. I'm sure you 
will find much help.


Matt Brei wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm new to Interchange and this list and wanted to know how much html,
> perl/CGI experience is needed to customize Interchange.  I'm very familiar
> with Linux/UNIX and know just enough html to barely get by.  I have no
> problem learning new things and I have read a good deal of the docs, but I'm
> a net admin, not webmaster, so if this is going to take years to learn then
> it's not for me.  If someone like me has no business trying to customize
> Interchange, what would a ballpark figure be for someone else to do it?  I
> apologize if this isn't the place to post this question.
> TIA,
> Matt
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