[ic]Changing the Create item fields and layouts ?

Andre Bunting andreb at techess.com
Thu Apr 29 01:00:34 EDT 2004

Ok.. how do I add a drop down menu to the create item page instead of a text
field ??? I have already did the additions the db..


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>I believe I should rephrase this.
>In the Input screen I want to add several more field options..for example a
>field called Materials, Year produced, Color and Face dial size.
>How do I add these ?
>Do I simple create the fields in the main table that stores the item
>information and add the input fields to the create item page?
>Someone please advice

Yep, you need to add the fields to the products table. Then log into the 
admin interface as a superuser and edit the metadata for the products table 
(you click on the Item editor link next to the little ducky icon to do 
this). Here you can add the new fields to whatever tab(s) you deem most 
appropriate. Finally, you can set the widget options for each new field by 
using the metadata icon that appears immediately to the right of the field 
in tab view.

- Ed

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