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Quoting "Aftermarket Cellular" <wfiore at aftermarketcellular.com>:
>I would first like to say how much this forum has helped me and thank you to
>everyone that has answered my posts in the past.
>I would like to modify the default interchange best sellers component to
>only display this months best sellers. Has anyone done this? I am using


I cannot recall how things where exactly in 4.8.6 times, but
maybe you could have a look at some code of the latest IC

Of interest is the topsellers job:

You could alter the following query to reflect your requirements. E.g.
selecting order lines from orders ordered in the current month (fields:
order_date or update_date).

Select statement from topsellers job:
my $set = $Db{orderline}->query("select sku,quantity,order_number from 
orderline order by order_number");

If you want a more sophisticated solutions where one could select
an arbitrary month and display its topsellers you could add a table
which holds the topsellers for each month (and year). You will have
to add some code to the topsellers job and 'best' component in
order to be able to display the topsellers for a requested month.

All is very well doable with Interchange :-)

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