[ic] preliminary Vend::Payment::BusinessOnlinePayment moduleavailable

rbragg redhat at rickbragg.net
Thu Apr 29 11:04:07 EDT 2004

Kevin Walsh wrote:
> rbragg [redhat at rickbragg.net] wrote:
>>It would be nice if you did not reject people from your mail list for
>>asking ligitimate questions about your software. I asked a few VERY
>>simple questions on your email list about your software, and you kicked
>>me off your list because apparently my questions were not good enough for
> Are you sure you weren't kicked off for top-posting?
> Actually, I didn't notice that there was a mail list.  I think I'll join
> in for a while.

No, it was definitely for asking simple questions. He even just told me...

It is a handy list, and good software. Others were answering/asking my 
questions too! it is too bad that I could not respond, or be part of the 
"club". I am using interchange for my billing system now.


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