[ic] question regarding entry in usertrack log

Christopher Wenham cwenham at synesmedia.com
Fri Apr 30 11:13:58 EDT 2004

On Friday 30 April 2004 01:07, John Young wrote:
> What was the corresponding User Agent string from your web server
> access log?  Mine contained AskBar (the 'Ask' is what made it 'nsession').
> Anyone know if AskBar can cause that behavior, or whether or not
> AskBar in the UA should trigger no session, for that matter?

 It's matching against "Ask" in interchange.cfg's RobotUA section, so 
Interchange thinks it's a bot. I don't know what AskBar is yet, but I 
recently had to remove "Ask" from the RobotUA list because a customer wasn't 
able to check out -- without a session they couldn't put anything in their 
cart or log in to their account.

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