[ic] IC 5.2: is there a "debugging" mode?

antitrust at vandervecken.com antitrust at vandervecken.com
Mon Aug 2 00:20:12 EDT 2004

Hi all;

I've been a novice Interchange developer for awhile. Our web hosting 
company gave us 4.8.6, and is moving to 5.2. Hooray.

Hopefully the following isn't a FAQ - I couldn't find a way to search the 
list archives - I could only find a lot of articles on debugging Minivend.

Does Interchange have a debugging mode, where ITL/Perl errors are logged? 
And/or tracing program flow in (for example) shipping.asc?

I ask, because I put a custom bit of Perl together to calculate shipping 
costs (after much frustration with shipping.asc - see below). If I make a 
typo in my Perl, the code simply doesn't work, and nothing shows up in 
error.log. This makes debugging - a bit difficult. After a lot of trial 
and error I have something stable and basic working, and am a bit loathe 
to change it.

I played a lot with shipping.asc, and had a lot of trouble making it do 
what I wanted for the same reason; if there were an error or problem, the 
most I'd get in error.log was "invalid formula."

Please does anyone have any advice? I'd like very much to be able to help 
myself, and the ability to turn some kind of syntax checking or flow 
tracing on would be very helpful indeed.


Josh Bailey (josh at vandervecken.com)

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