[ic] Community Projects Again - PayPal Module

Jonathan Clark jonc at webmaint.com
Tue Aug 3 18:48:19 EDT 2004

Dear All,

Interchange consultancy company Perusion recently announced the Community
Projects area of their website to promote and coordinate pooling of funds to
enable the development of additional features for Interchange. One of these
is a PayPal payment module - something which has been asked for and about
many times over the years.

Well, now you get the chance to take advantage of a professionally coded
module without having to pay for the whole thing yourself. Pledges for the
funding required to develop this module are half way there. If you would
like to see this module make it into Interchange then I urge you to visit:


and then follow the link at the bottom. Even a small contribution will help.
If all the people on this list who would make use of a proper PayPal module,
rather than the usual cludge, chipped in $50 it would be funded in no time.

Thanks for listening. Now go visit the link above.


Jonathan Clark
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