[ic] PGSQL vs. MYSQL for IC

Grant emailgrant123b at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 4 12:47:40 EDT 2004

> On Tue, 3 Aug 2004, Grant wrote:
> > I did a fair amount of research comparing
> PostgreSQL and MySQL before I
> > made the decision to use Postgres.  I already had
> MySQL set up and that
> > was very easy, but Postres doesn't seem to be
> nearly as well supported
> > in IC.  Is it fair to say that MySQL has and will
> have better overall
> > support in IC than Postgres?  If so, I will switch
> back.
> No, it's not fair to say that. PostgreSQL and MySQL
> are both supported
> equally well in Interchange itself, and both are
> widely used by
> Interchange developers on production systems. That's
> not to say no one
> will ever have trouble with some minor Interchange
> feature using one or
> the other database, but that's nothing to change
> databases over, either 
> way.
> Jon

Check out this post by Mike:


It is old, but the "bad timestamp external
representation" problem was brought up within the last
week without a resolution.

I had no experience with either DB and ended up
setting up both for IC.  The Postgres docs seem a lot
clearer to me, and I *think* Postgres is secure "out
of the box" while you have to secure MySQL after
installing.  However, setting up MySQL for IC was so
much easier than setting up Postgres.  I never was
able to get Postgres to AUTO_INCREMENT and MySQL does
it so easily.  MySQL also seems faster to me, but I
could be wrong about that.  Postgres has a BSD style
license as opposed to MySQL's GPL, but IC is GPL

- Grant

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