[ic] query tag more-list - Internal Server Error

Dan Bergan danb at champonline.com
Thu Aug 5 13:42:15 EDT 2004

Dan Bergan wrote:

> A few weeks back I started a thread here about a more-list error.  
> And, with Mike's help I narrowed down my problem, but he wasn't able 
> to reproduce the behavior I was seeing.  I've finally had some time to 
> investigate the error and I'm able to reproduce it consistently, and 
> here is what I have found:
> A "normal" search works just fine -- if I enter something in the 
> search box in my Foundation demo, leave the browser for over an hour 
> (let the session time out), then hit "next" in the more list, 
> everything works as it should (a search error).
> But, if I'm on a page that uses the [query] tag with a more-list, then 
> leave the browser for over an hour, then hit "next", I get an Internal 
> Server Error.
> Am I doing something wrong with the [query] tag or is this a bug?
> For a simple test I put the following code into a page on my IC 5.2 
> site and I was able to reproduce my error:
> [query sql="select sku from products where sku like 'os28%' order by sku"
>         type=list
>         ml=5
>         more=1
> ]
> [on-match]
> <table width="95%" border="0" cellspacing="0">
> <tr class="categorybar">
>  <td><b>[L]SKU[/L]</b></td>
> </tr>
> [/on-match]
> [list]
>  <tr>
>    <td>
>        [sql-code]
>    </td>
>  </tr>
> [/list]
> [on-match]
> </table>
> [/on-match]
> [more-list]
> [msg arg.0="[matches]" arg.1="[match-count]"]Matches %s of %s 
> found.[/msg]
> <BR>[more]<BR>
> [/more-list]
> [/query]
> Thanks,
> Dan
Has anyone been able to reproduce this?  (Or, on the other hand, does 
anyone see any stupid mistake I am making?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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