[ic] Order profile credit_card not found < how I fixed it

Peter N. interchange at framework.ws
Fri Aug 6 22:44:07 EDT 2004

 From my error.log:
[06/August/2004:18:53:20 -0400] catalog /cgi-bin/catalog/process.html  
Order profile credit_card not found

Three days ago, our server was getting sluggish because a bunch of 
processes had run away and chewed up all available RAM, so we took the 
easy way out and rebooted the server.

Everything appeared fine, until today.  I received a report from my 
client that orders are not going through.  I added items to my cart, 
attempted to check out, and sure enough, I got kicked right back to the 
checkout page after hitting the submit button.  I tried resubmitting my 
order several times, with no luck, as I was kicked back to the checkout 
page each time.

After I made several attempts to place an order, repeatedly getting 
bounced back to the checkout page, ONE order managed to get through.

Looking at similar postings on the list, I followed the suggestion of 
inspecting profiles.order and catalog.cfg, but neither had changed in 
more than 5 months.

Another oddity was that a custom usertag which we had used for years 
has suddenly stopped working as well.  This phenomenon has only 
happened on one catalog on this server (with each catalog having its 
own dedicated copy of IC running).  No errors were reported in the 
error logs when Interchange was restarted (nothing saying I had a 
syntax error in my usertag, for example).  I went out to a movie, and 
came back a few hours later.  I tarred up the whole site, figuring I'd 
fiddle with a second copy of the site while I tried to figure out what 
was wrong.  I made a second copy of the site, and fired it up.  Before 
I got to hit a single page on the second site, I noticed that the 
original site, with the broken order form and usertag now showed the 
usertag working perfectly!

Unfortunately, ordering did not mysteriously fix itself, so I was still 
stuck with the checkout page bouncing people right back to the checkout 
page instead of the receipt.

Finally, I got the bright idea to blow away the session and tmp 
directories' contents.  I did that, restarted IC, and now life is good 
once again.

Hopefully that might help someone else in a similar predicament in the 


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