[ic] MySql database in admin area out of sync

rbragg redhat at rickbragg.net
Sun Aug 8 16:23:56 EDT 2004


I added some fields to one of my database tables and now things are all 
out of sync and I can't get it back to the way it was...

table.txt is fine
dbconf/mysql/table.mysql is fine
also the actual mysql database is fine.

How do I re-set the table with the fields the way I want from the 
beginning (using the table.txt file)

I have deleted the table.sql file, and table.mysql file and I even 
dropped the table out of mysql. The table.txt file is the only thing 
left and it is fine. As soon as I access it one time, the table gets 
built in mysql (correctly), and the table.sql is touched. But in the 
admin area the table is wrong. there are extra fields and they contain 
the wrong data.

Any help or ideas would be great!

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