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Daniel Davenport ddavenport at newagedigital.com
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> Hi,
> I am a new bie although I have been through lot of documents and also I
> have IC installed with foundation store, I am unable to do the following
> : changing Product Group and items accordingly. I just wanted to know
> what is the best way to start. Directly changing Product Items and enter
> the product group item in the Prod_group column or I have to change it
> in the area table. Any help on this will be great. I asked this before
> as well but no one answered. One answer i received directly gave me a
> very useful resource, but I still think i am missing on things.Is it too
> difficult to answer, where to start for a newbie. ;) cheers
> Rgds
> Andy

Just changing the prod_group field in the products table, is enough to move
the product into another group...but if you're using one of the built-in
group/category list components, you'll probably have to put the new group in
the cat and area tables too in order to get the group to show up.  (If the
group already exists, this isn't an issue.)

There's an admin link (under the Miscellaneous tab) that will create the
proper entries in the area and cat tables based on what's in the products
table.  Look for "Layout Editor Auto-Populate".  It may ask you if you want
to clear the current contents of the area and cat tables; if it does, say
yes (otherwise, you can end up with two of everything).


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