[ic] mv_sort_field not working

k palazani at gmx.net
Tue Aug 10 19:09:12 EDT 2004

daniel castro wrote:

> Hello list.
> Iam trying to sort a search by price,  I have checked every thing, I had 
> to change the datagbase so it uses float instead of varchar, because 
> back then the sorting did not worked either (I thought that was it), but 
> no thats not it.
> I am using IC 5.0.1.
> You can see for yourself how it works....
> http://microtel.ebstudio.com/cgi-bin/plcost/search.html?mv_session_id=kxDY86Hq&mv_searchtype=db&mv_sort_field=price&mv_substring_match=1&mv_search_field=category&mv_searchspec=Applications 

add mv_sort_option=n to your query string:



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