[ic] AuthorizeNet Changes in 5.2

Bryan D Gmyrek gmyrek at U.Arizona.EDU
Tue Aug 10 19:16:05 EDT 2004

> > So I tried it a thrid time and third time was a charm.  Order
> > went through normally.  WTF?
> > I've grabbed the newest AuthorizeNet.pm from CVS but looking at
> > the diffs I don't know if it will help much.
> > Other info:
> > Vend::Payment::AuthorizeNet payment module initialized, using Net::SSLeay
> > Net:SSLeay, is the newest version according to
> > perl -MCPAN -e 'install Net::SSLeay'
> >
> I recommend ditching Net::SSLeay and using Crypt::SSLeay only. Also,
> make sure MaxServers is set to zero and that you have
> PERL_SIGNALS=unsafe on your 5.8.2 or higher Perl.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the advice!

I edited httpd.common.conf and added MaxServers 0
removed Net::SSLeay

Added requires to catalog.cfg for LWP::UserAgent and

Restarted interchange and get:
Vend::Payment::AuthorizeNet payment module initialized, using LWP
and Crypt::SSLeay

So far so good.  I went to the site and did a test order and it
went through the first time.  So no guarantees but a good sign

Next plan to do perl 5.8.5 w/o threads and with
PERL_SIGNALS=unsafe.  Is there a perl-kitchensink out there for a
version newer than 5.8.2?


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