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Gur gurs at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 10 23:15:17 EDT 2004

Tuesday, August 10, 2004, 5:12:26 PM, wrote:

anirudh> Hi,
anirudh> I want to change the default shipping address i.e when a person goes to
anirudh> shopping cart processes it the address has US as
anirudh> country I want to change it
anirudh> to NZ. I tried changing the variable value in the table of
anirudh> SHIP_DEFAULT_COUNTRY from US to NZ but could not get the desired result.
anirudh> Next I want a user to either use login or signup before making payment,
anirudh> because currently the page is coming in non secured where user needs to
anirudh> enter the credit card details. I have entered the secured server in the
anirudh> table but I dont know whether it is possible or
anirudh> not. any help appreciated.

anirudh> rgds
anirudh> Anirudh

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Hello Anirudh,

You need to change the appropriate html/itl code in the checkout pages
in pages/ord/.

If you to force the user to make an account use the members only
feature to make the checkout page(s) for members only.

Secure server has nothing to do with forcing the user to sign-up. Non
account holders can use it as well you just need to set it according
to your environment.

You should read the basic mans and tutorials available on the
icdevgroup site they are very easy and should answer most simple
questions like the ones that you are asking.

Everything is possible with IC, You just have to figure out how
to do it!

Best regards,
 Gur                            mailto:gurs at sbcglobal.net

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