[ic] Options Trouble ...

Greg McClure gmcclure at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 04:02:11 EDT 2004

I'm a bit confused on the issue of options and I have a special
requirement, but it's pretty simple so I'm hoping someone can help me
see if my understanding is correct. I'm a bit lost so any friendly
input would be appreciated.

I'm doing a store for selling hats. They've got a brimColor and a
bandColor and I want to be able to set those options from the order
page, but I have a custom color choosing widget that populates a text
input field (<input type="text" ...) via Javascript, so I don't need
or want a <select> widget.

This is my understanding: I need to create an options.txt file under
my products directory with a master record for *each* product enabling
options for that product, and then a record for each enabled option. I
register that options database using a directive in my catalog.cfg,
like so: Database options options.txt LINE

Then, I need to create an entry in my catalog.cfg file: UseModifier

Once that's done and the interchange server is restarted, then I'll be
able to populate those options for each product separately.

My question is -- assuming all of that is correct -- how do I assign
values to product options via a form text field? And once I can do
that, how do I display the separate options for each item in

I apologize in advance if this seems like I should rtfm, but I have
been r-ing the fm and I'm on a very tight deadline. Any help would be


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