[ic] Product Group Sort on Item Page (5.2) - Using reserved words in the name

Gary Norton gnorton at broadgap.com
Thu Aug 12 14:04:57 EDT 2004

I have product groups inside a catalog with the following type of names:

"Backpacks and Bags"

Notice the "and" in the name.

When I try to sort by Product group, I am taken to the appropriate
item_group.html page. All links work except the ones that have the "and" in
the name.

I think this is the appropriate are of the item_group.html page:

if ($ui_text_qualification and $CGI->{ui_text_qualification} =~ /[<!=>\^]/ )
    $CGI->{ui_text_qualification} = "co=1\n";

    my @entries = split /\s+(and|or)\s+/i,  $ui_text_qualification;
    my $or;
    for(@entries) {
      if(/^or$/i) {
              $or = 1;
              $CGI->{ui_text_qualification} .= "os=1\n";
      elsif(/^and$/i) {
              $or = 0;
              $CGI->{ui_text_qualification} .= "os=0\n";
      my ($f, $op, $s) = split /\s*([<=!>\^]+)\s*/, $_, 2;
      $op = "eq" if $op eq "==";
      $op = "rm" if $op eq "=";
      if($op eq '^') {
              $op = 'rm';
              $CGI->{ui_text_qualification} .= "bs=1\nsu=1\n";
      else {
              $CGI->{ui_text_qualification} .= "bs=0\nsu=0\n";
      $CGI->{ui_text_qualification} .= "se=$s\nsf=$f\nop=$op\n";
      if($op =~ /[<>]/ and $s =~ /^[\d.]+$/) {
              $CGI->{ui_text_qualification} .= "nu=1\n";
      else {
              $CGI->{ui_text_qualification} .= "nu=0\n";
    if(defined $or) {
      $CGI->{ui_text_qualification} .= $or ? "os=1\n" : "os=0\n";

    $out_message =  <<EOF;
	<H3>Entries matching "$ui_text_qualification"</H3>

I belive that the problem is this line:
my @entries = split /\s+(and|or)\s+/i,  $ui_text_qualification;

However, I am not sure how to address the problem.  I don't understand regex
well enough to change this comfortably, and am not entirely sure this is the
correct (or only) place that needs to be changed.

Can anyone tell me if I am on the right track and perhaps offer


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