[ic] automatically resize product image during upload?

John Matecsa matecsaj at picassofish.com
Fri Aug 13 16:52:23 EDT 2004

How could one automatically resize a product image during upload?

On the product editor screen I'm trying to figure out some way to send
the image name to a shell script after the file is saved. The shell
script I wrote uses 'convert' from imagemagix to resize the images.

I'm suspicious that the answer might lay in mv_metadata's filter. I've
scouted for on-line docs and the mail archives for relevant examples of
how to use filter but came up dry.

Am I heading down the right road?

My motivation... The user wants the convenience of submitting a just a
high res image, then have the system resize it for thumbnails and a
moderate image on the flypage. The highres picture is linked to from the
flypage via a magnifying glass icon. They also want instant
gratification, and don't want to want for cron job to do the resizing.
...customers are always right. Right?

Thanks in advance for any bones you can throw my way.

John Matecsa <matecsaj at picassofish.com>
Picasso Fish Corporation

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