[ic] Too many new ID assignments for this address.

J van Dijk 'BV Kunststoffenindustrie Attema' j.vandijk at attema.nl
Tue Aug 17 05:16:26 EDT 2004

Hi, all,

With a fine working website, we suddenly got an error with IE6 when
looking at the website from our office:

"no permission (403)"

Mozilla was a bit more verbose:

"Too many new ID assignments for this address. Please wait at least 24
before trying again. Only waiting that period will allow access. 

This started at Friday so nobody was at the office during the weekend,
but this problem still persists. 

The problem is that the our (office)  ip address is blocked. 
( at least the rest of the world could see our website...).

I've searched the archives but didn't find an answer.

Are too may refreshes on a page causing this error ?
Why is this mechanism used ?
How can we avoid this problem ?
In an office like ours it's impossible to let everybody wait for 24
hours (only during weekends)

Thanks in advance, Jan 

Met vriendelijke groet,

Jan van Dijk
j.vandijk at attema.nl
B.V. Kunststoffenindustrie Attema
tel : 0183-650650 tst 674
fax: 0183-650751

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