[ic] Re: Custom Parameters

daniel castro daniel_castro at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 17 18:59:54 EDT 2004

>Hi list,
>I need to repeat a search, but sending a new parameter. I use in the page 
>something like this:
><a href="/cgi-bin/plcost/search.html?es_sort=0&mv_session_id=[data session 
>id]&mv_searchtype=dd ... SKU</a>
>[if cgi es_sort]

Why do you compose the link manually ? That should be handled by IC.

This cannot be done because I need the URL enconding capabilities from 
interchange, yet for example if I use in the searchspec something like 
'"Computers & Servers" this would return a error 500 beacuse the & is 
reserved... and If I try to construct the url bymy self I cannot use the 
encoding that [page search] uses beacuse I need to pass a parameter like 

Daniel Castro
>The only problem is that if I do it that way it returns a 500 error, so I 
>have to do something like [page search=" (...)" ]&es_sort=1

The global error log should tell you the reason for the 500.


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