[ic] How to become a devloper?

Bryan D Gmyrek gmyrek at U.Arizona.EDU
Tue Aug 17 22:13:37 EDT 2004

> > How do I become a developer so I can cvs commit changes to
> > interchange source?  The getting involved section on
> > icdevgroup.org didn't specify.
> Bryan,
> I don't remember seeing anyone else respond to you, so I'm going to
> answer.


> There isn't a formal process, but essentially you start by contributing
> bugfix or minor feature enhancement patches to the interchange-core
> mailing list. Or you can discuss with us the design of larger new features
> (to make sure they fit with the rest of the project) and then implement
> and contribute them. If you contribute several good patches and are
> interested, then we should talk about having you become a CVS committer.
OK, I figured something like that.  Wanted to start by
contributing some additions to the documentation and go from


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