[ic] Admin Order Entry

Michael Hess mhess at greenhillsschool.org
Wed Aug 18 11:30:16 EDT 2004

I am trying to use the admin order entry page to place some orders.  I am
having 2 problems and would be very happy if someone on this list could
help us.  I work for  a school that has a very tight budget. Please try to
I am using the defalut IC install, I am only requireing fname and lname

Problem one:
When I go to the page and fill in customer id and choose a payment method,
IC comes back and says that fname and lname are blank, however it fills
them after the post request.  I need it to do the db look up and then
post, it is posting failing cause they are blank then does a db look up
and fills the values, if I press submit after it fails, it works just
fine.  I need it to not have me press post twice.

Problem two:
I need it to forget the last order that was placed. If I log in and logout
it does it, I can also clear the values in fname and lname.  However I
would love a way for it to forget on its own.

Please try to help me or ask for clarification if this is not clear,


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