[ic] loading arbitrary, un-templated page in Admin UI

Stewart Barnett stewbarnett at wsac.com
Wed Aug 18 12:21:33 EDT 2004

On 17 Aug 2004 at 18:28, david yee wrote:

> > David,
> > Here is a solution for printing shipping labels that I'm sure alot
> > of people have to reinvent.
> > 
> thanks, stewart.
> i appreciate the assistance on getting labels printed (which i'm
> certain to use as we go further).  the real hangup was on making sure
> a page wouldn't load without the user being logged into the admin. the
> solution was the [if-mm] access tag, which i ought to have known about
> anyhow.

Just one final note. This usertag will automatically spawn a child window with whatever 
html code you choose. I use it for precisely what you needed, to print a packing list and 
a sales receipt. 

 The name print_label is really misleading, you can use it for much more than labels. I 
should probably rename it pop_button or something of the like, and allow the user to 
pass the button name.

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