[ic] Quantity Discount

admin at bridaljewels.com admin at bridaljewels.com
Wed Aug 18 13:31:33 EDT 2004

Interchange 5.2 MySQL

I have defined a column in my PRODUCTS database called “bridal”.  When I add an
item to inventory through the ADMIN, I have added a radio button that selects
whether this item is to be included in “bridal”.  This works fine.

I want to give a 20% discount if three or more identical “bridal” items are

I have figured out how to accomplish this using CommonAdjust and entering -20%
under q3 for EACH ITEMS.

I am looking for a way to eliminate having to enter in the -20% under q3 for
each item.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to accomplish:

Check PRODUCTS database for “bridal”, check for quantity of 3 or more, apply 20%
discount if 3 or more items are ordered?

Thanks in advance.

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