[ic] One click add to basket

Dan Bergan danb at champonline.com
Thu Aug 19 13:04:05 EDT 2004

Michael Hess wrote:

>I found this however I am unable to figure out how to get the 
>quickentry field to be populated via a form.
>Please help me figure out how to do this?
In the article you reference, I was trying to detect an invalid sku.  
For a basic sku entry form you want something like this:
(this is just off the top of my head and untested)

<INPUT TYPE=hidden  NAME="mv_todo" VALUE="refresh">
SKU: <INPUT TYPE=text  NAME="mv_order_item"  SIZE=8 VALUE="">
Quantity: <INPUT NAME="mv_order_quantity" SIZE=3 VALUE=1>
<input type="image" src="__THEME_IMG_DIR__buynow.gif" border="0" 
value="[L]Buy it Now![/L]" alt="Buy Now!">


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