[ic] multiple prices for one item

Nathan Barnett nbarnett at specialty-books.com
Fri Aug 20 13:10:30 EDT 2004

My scenario: I sell used and new books and I have a field in my products
database for the used_price. I use the regular price field for the new
price. I want customers to be able to choose from new or used copies at
the results_buylist page. 

On my results_buylist page I have a <SELECT> statement with a drop down
box containing the two prices like so.

<select NAME="selected_item_price">
       [if data products::used_on_hand::[item-code] > '0']
       [and data products::used_price::[item-code]]
             <option value="[item-field used_price]">Used $[item-field 

       [if data products::price::[item-code]]
             <option value="[item-field price]">New $[item-field

I was thinking that I could have the <SELECT> statement set a variable
for the price and alter all my existing checkout pages so that it reads
that value for price calls instead of the [item-price] value. Unless I
can change the [item-price] value for that cart item.

I'm hoping there is an easier way to do this w/o modifying so many

Any insight would be great.


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