[ic] No Opera checkout

Stewart Barnett stewbarnett at wsac.com
Mon Aug 23 12:18:36 EDT 2004

I have had a couple of would be customers complain that they cannot complete their 
checkout. They are all running Opera and indeed I can reproduce the same results.

A scan of the maillist found a cvs commit that sounded like exactly the fix I needed.
The cvs log states:

* Ensure wait-text JavaScript chunk returns true -- Opera was not returning
  true on "this.onclick=alert(msg)" and therefore the user couldn't order.

I thought this was it and I posted the changes to my button.tag and restarted. Needless 
to say the problem still exists. 

There are no errors recorded in any logs. I can see the post in the access_log, yet the 
usertrack only show a VIEWPAGE=ord/finalize.

I am running 5.2 that has been progressively upgraded from an original 4.8.6 catalog.

Any clues?

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