[ic] item-options in results_buylist -- can't add anything to cart

david yee iamyee at gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 15:02:11 EDT 2004


in my results_buylist, i have a call to [item-options] in the
item-list.  any time a results page contains only items without
options, it adds items to the cart without a problem.  on the other
hand, anytime there is an item with options, it fails to add anything
to the cart when you click "Add", putting this in the catalog
error.log: xpb6Faqp:username username [23/August/2004:14:44:10 -0400]
catalog /catalog/nothing.html Attempt to order missing product code:

the items in that product code are the joined selected values for
mv_sku for all items with options on that results page.  what might be
happening here?


david yee
iamyee at gmail.com

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