[ic] Watermarking product pictures

Salvador Caballe scaballe at caballe.net
Wed Aug 25 03:17:44 EDT 2004

A Dimecres 25 Agost 2004 00:12, Jonathan Clark va escriure:

> Wow! I wrote that a long time ago.
> I have just put the demo page back up, and also put the tag somewhere
> useful as it seems to be mangled in the archive. The demo and tag are
> linked to from here:
> http://www.webmaint.com/interchange/
> Have fun!
> For interest, the tag was created for a client to ease creation of ebay
> listings through interchange, but has been useful since. We are using this
> tag on the Concert Trade site here: www.concerttrade.com to stop people
> from creating classified listings with stupidly large images which messed
> up the page formatting.
> Jonathan.

The file from archive is uu-encoded,

I suggest  also to include this tag feature in the UI item image upload page, 
I think very usefully .


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