[ic] Put nonexistent items into basket?

Carsten Jahnke carstenjahnke at web.de
Thu Aug 26 04:49:03 EDT 2004

Hi list,

I have to integrate an external shopping system via SPA OCI interface.

The approach is as follows:
A customer visits the external site of the supplier.
There he puts items into a temporary basket. then he clicks "submit" on 
the basket page there and the system returns the item details (price, 
qty, etc) via xml to a so called HOOK-URL (a "receiver"-page of our shop).
So I have to put these transmitted items into the current session's 
basket and complete the order via the ususal checkout process.

Does anybody know, if and how I can put nonexistent items into a basket?
Does the Interchage checkout-process care about the "non-existence" of 
these items or is the information just gracefully put into the 
transaction and orderline tables? That would be quiet nice! :-)

I love Interchange for its farsighted concepts 'cause order information 
(price, qty, username, sku etc) is all held in the oderline/transaction 
table so it shouldn't be a real problem, right??

Thanks for any information!


Carsten Jahnke

email: carstenjahnke at web.de

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