[ic] Attachment-file in order-report

ralf.lorenz at mcbuero.de ralf.lorenz at mcbuero.de
Thu Aug 26 12:07:45 EDT 2004


I like to have an attachment in the order-report-file.

I found something in the mailing list and changed my
file 'report'. 

It is working. Here is the code, wich I insert in the 

[tag mime type arg='text/comma-separated-values; name="[value mv_order_number].csv"'][/tag]
[tag mime type='Bestell-Nr. [value mv_order_number]']
001;[value mv_username]
002;[value mv_order_number]
003;[value date]
004;[value lname]
005;[value fname]
006;[value address3]
007;[value company]
008;[value address1]
009;[value address2]
010;[value zip]
011;[value city]
012;[value country]
013;[value email]
014;[scratch zahlungsart]
015;[value phone_day]
016;[value b_lname]
017;[value b_fname]
018;[value b_company]
019;[value b_address1]
020;[value b_address2]
021;[value b_zip]
022;[value b_city]
023;[value b_country]
024;[scratch coupon_amount]
025;[subtotal noformat=1]
026;[shipping noformat=1]
027;[handling noformat=1]
028;[total-cost noformat=1]
029;[scratch skonto]
030;[scratch zahlbetrag]
031;[value gift_note]
[item-list][perl arg="scratch"]
$b = '[item-field unit]' * 1;
$d = '[item-quantity]' * 1;
$Scratch->{'quantitytotal'} = $b * $d;
$Scratch->{'count'} += 1;
return '';
[/perl][scratch count];[item-code];[item-quantity];[item-price noformat=1];[item-subtotal noformat=1]

Here my question: How can I change the filename from the attached file.
If I open this report-mail everytime the name is: 'Textpart.txt'.

I like to have a name, which content the ordernumber.
Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.

Ralf Lorenz

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