[ic] Options Issue

joe at cyberseals.net joe at cyberseals.net
Sun Aug 29 04:52:04 EDT 2004

Hi there. I am having some trouble with the options support in Interchange
5.2.0, and was hoping that somebody could help.

I have a catalog which does not use the standard "products" database
table, but rather a table with a completely different structure in a
separate database. It would appear, from my tinkering, that the
"option_type" field of the products table is required for options to
function correctly for a given product. The problem is, if you aren't
using the standard products table to define your catalog's products (any
catalog which needs to integrate with an existing, external
database/system), you don't necessarily have an "option_type" field
associated with each product record.

So I am wondering, is there any facility within Interchange that can be
overridden on a per-catalog basis to remove this dependency on the
"option_type" value of the product record? All items within the catalog I
am working on have only simple options, so if I could just make it behave
as though it found an option_type of "Simple" every time, without actually
querying any database fields, that would suffice for my situation.


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