[ic] See related products not working

daniel castro daniel_castro at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 30 22:16:03 EDT 2004

Hey list, the following code generates the see also in the flypage, I havent 
been able to see any see algo products, it is allways empty, so I guess that 
the control random is either not generated or is generated emty, can any one 
helpme with this,  first can someone explainme how this work,or why this 
isnot working.
In my db I have related products in the merchandizing menu, we are using 
postgres 7.4, Debian kernell 2.4.18-bf2.4, and IC 5.0.1

<td height="241" valign="top"> [calc]
        my $n = 1;
        $Scratch->{width_percent} = '100%';
        my $rand = q{[control random]};
        delete $Scratch->{random};
        if($rand) {
                $Scratch->{random} = q{[control size 10]};

All the helpwill be apreciated
Daniel Castro

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