[ic] IC server unavailable - ?perhaps permission problems?

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Tue Aug 31 08:54:22 EDT 2004

>>> ---begin---
>>> Could not open error file '/usr/lib/interchange/error.log':
>>> Permission denied
>>> to report this error:
>>> - - - [30/August/2004:10:26:42 -0500]  -  - Low traffic settings.
>>> ---end--- 
>> What are the ownership and permissions on that directory, and what user is 
>> IC running as? You could touch the error.log file and see how much more 
>> progress is then made when you restart IC.
>> DB
> /usr/lib/interchange/ was rwxr-xr-x root adm
> ./error.log was 777 root root (weird, i think...but maybe i did that)
> /var/log/interchange/ was 700 nobody nogroup
> I touched the error.log and played the chmod and chown fiddle for a few 
> minutes..and viola! problem solved.
> Thanks, DB, for getting me rolling again.  It feels great to see the 
> foundation store come up for the first time, as mine just did.
> -Grant

Glad to help. Watch the logs though... other problems may pop up if the 
permissions are not what they should be.


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