[ic] "vlink" appears in URL

Grant Listhandle lists at gwhufford.com
Tue Aug 31 17:47:18 EDT 2004

I have a peculiar problem, rather a misconfiguration, the cause of which I 
have been unable to determine:

when accessing localhost/foundation, I get the foundation-demo intro page as 
expected, and if I click on "customer entrance" I'm sent to 
localhost/cgi-bin/foundation/index.html, as expected.
If I click on either "log in" or "check out" and get 
localhost/cgi-bin/foundation/whatever, as expected.

here's the catch-- 

All other links on the page, also the intro page's "admin interface" link, 
send me to something like localhost/cgi-bin/vlink/whatever.

which naturally kicks a 404.

In every case, manually replacing "vlink" with "foundation" in the URL gets 
the right page.

There's one more weirdness I've noticed:
on the intro page, If I hover over the "admin interface" link, my browser's 
status bar shows the correct link:
but directs me to:

Things I think might be relavent:
IC 5.2 running in UNIX & INET modes (INET for this catalog)
I did a makecat and overwrote what was in foundation before
on my machine, not on some ISP
I've been through interchange.cfg and catalog.cfg many times, looking for 
something i missed.
VendURL is http://192.168.x.x/cgi-bin/foundation (well, not with X's)
Can anyone shed some light on this?  I'm not yet familiar enough with IC to 
know quite where to look.

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