[ic] Scottish Provinces

Oliver Jackson olly at scotwebshops.com
Wed Dec 1 04:40:42 EST 2004

Russell Mann wrote:

>Hello List,
>How do you folks deal with Scottish customer provinces?  I'm an American so
>I don't really understand the U.K. postal system.  The database that comes
>with IC 5.2 contains U.K. counties, but not Scottish.  Some customers have
>written to complain about this.  How does everyone else deal with this?
>Russell Mann
Hi Russell,

I work for an e-commerce store based in Scotland. Basically Scotland has 
'counties' just like England and Wales. A quick google turned up this page:


In which the last table had a decent list of Scottish counties. I've 
found that just allowing users to type in their region/county/state can 
be easier than providing a list half the time.


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