[ic] problem opening website

Tom Luong tluon002 at lions.odu.edu
Wed Dec 1 22:23:33 EST 2004

From: Paul Arnold <arnman at cox-internet.com>

> well I know my server is running, it shows up when I listed the processes,
> and it loads up just fine, or so I think.
> I have tried several different chmod numbers to see if it would work,
> sometimes I get We're sorry sometimes I get internal server error,
> I have worked on the cgi-bin and the socket but still nothing, just the
> customer admin entrance, and We're Sorry

Dont top post, you'll get less replys that way.

try coping your vlink and tlink programs into the cgi-bin directory or make
a symbolic link to them, that should do it.

if it doesnt then look up "we're sorry the interchange server is not
running" on the development site, also look up starting or restarting


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