[ic] How to assign a scratch variable to a VBScript Variable??

Joachim Leidinger info at ebusiness-leidinger.de
Fri Dec 3 03:33:16 EST 2004

interchange at tvcables.co.uk wrote:
> I set a scratch variable on my admin_view page, this works just fine and I can 
> display the varible on the screen ok, so I know its been set.


> [set myname]

[seti myname]

> [loop-calc]
> [/loop-calc]
> [/set]


> [scratch myname] - Display on screen ok!
> Now I have my scratch variable (myname) I am trying to use its value (text 
> string) in some vbscript.
> I am trying to set my vb variable (vbname) to be equal to the value of the 
> scratch variable (myname), I thought this would work:
> <script language="vbscript">
> dim vbname
> vbname = "[scratch myname]"

Make sure [seti myname] first and vb script is using *after* setting the 
myname var.

Hope that helps!


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